OrganicTan Airbrush Tanning

organicTan Airbrush Tanning




SunnaTan is an all-natural, spray tanning experience.  This exclusive all-natural tanning formula works with each unique skin tone to deliver a flawless glow. The Organic Tan experience is based on three signature keys:



We customize your spray tan to your specific skin type, tone and preference. Our exclusive technique has been perfected to ensure a natural, rich tan every time, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and looking luminous. We can custom blend over 25 solutions, from a light glow, to a tropical looking tan. 



Our precise airbrush application technique ensures an even tan every time. We dedicate special attention to your body’s unique shape and composition to ensure your skin looks naturally sun-kissed in all the right places.



Our unique spray tan solutions contain skin-happy ingredients, including: sunflower oil, bark extract, gotu kola, ehinacea and green tea. Carefully formulated and perfected by a natural chemist.


How to prep for your tan

Shower and exfoliate your face and body. Ideally, this should be done a minimum of 6 hours before your spray tan. We suggest using a loofah or a dry brush.

It is best to not use oil-based exfoliates or lotions prior as they can block the tanning process, leaving a residue between your skin and the tanning solution.

For best results, please wax or shave at least one day before your spray tanning session.

Wear dark loose fitting clothing after the session if possible. It is best not to wear white for your spray tanning session.

Some clients choose to go nude and some wear underwear or a swimsuit during their spray tan. Men must wear boxers or shorts. Please note that whatever you wear, you will have tan-lines.

Your palms, feet, lips, cuticles, and elbows will be carefully prepped with organic barrier lotions and oils to prevent any unnatural colouring. As you are being spray tanned, you’ll be instructed to move into a few easy poses to ensure perfect coverage, following the natural lines and composition of your body. 


Single Tan: $45

4 tan punch card: $140 (saves $10 a tan)

3 month unlimited tanning pass:  $270 (saves $135)

We will travel for tans, must have a minimum of 4 people.  Please inquire for pricing.