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Shop Our Makeup Collection and Classes

Shop Our Makeup Collection

The jacha collection was started in 2010, when owner Angie Norman decided that women not only needed quality makeup products at an affordable price, but also the skills and knowledge on proper application.   We want to make sure the clients buying our products, not only have perfect skin matching, but also have the skill to apply the products.    We offer complimentary makeup consultations in our home studio, and can help match your skin on line when you send us a picture.    We choose products for our collection that we feel are missing at the local beauty counter.   We take into consideration the ingredients, how the products apply on the skin, and our biggest factor in choosing a product is the feeling of it on the skin.   Our foundations will give you the coverage you need,  but never feel heavy or looked caked on.   Products can be purchased through the website, by hosting a makeup party  or at our home studio in Stratford, Ontario.